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Go Mendo

So in my bid to find the family’s regular “go to beach” here in California, last week we made our third trip to Mendocino, a beautiful 19th century seaside town on a spectacular part of the Californian coast, around … continue reading


One of our favourite things to do, living in Berkeley, Ca, is to go to the Cal Shakes outdoor theatre in Orinda in the summer. We went to three productions last year, “Comedy of Errors”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Pygmalion”. … continue reading

Happy holidays, happy holidays……

It’s day one of the incredibly long American school holidays – two and a half months people – and I’m feeling strong and ready but with that uneasy feeling you get living in California – lovely weather but there could … continue reading

Me no speak like Valley girl yet

We’ve been here in sunny, drought-ridden California for well over a year now and it really has been a pretty easy transition seeing as we speak the same language and are into a lot of the same things – the … continue reading

School is making me sick, Mom

A friend, who I don’t believe has children, gave me some excellent parenting advice last week. Take the electronic devices away from your kids and they will cause you a whole lot less hassle, he said. He is so right … continue reading