About Gill

GillGill is pronounced Jill by the way. Living in America, I get a lot of people calling me Gil, convinced I am a man til they meet me or speak to me. Well hopefully.

I am a New Zealand-born journalist and business writer, who has lived in London, State College, Pennsylvania, and Auckland, New Zealand.

I have worked on the launch of three newspapers in London and in New Zealand and written a book about being a working mother, “Because We’re Worth It” A Where To From Here For Today’s Working Mother published by Penguin in 2009.¬† In 2011, I launched a section for small businesses on the New Zealand Herald website where I was interviewing entrepreneurs every week about their challenges and triumphs.

I now live in Berkeley, California with my family. While I build up a portfolio of freelance work or find a full time job, I am blogging on a couple of topics: life in the US as the mother of teenage boys, and highlighting the issues I am writing about as a journalist. This will range from the Berkeley housing market to how to get ahead in your career when you are over 40.

This is a really interesting time to be in living in the Bay Area with so many people trying new things, looking to create the next big thing. I will be doing my utmost to write about this experience and to share it with others.