It never rains in California… literally

Oh to be the mother of teenagers. Boys, both of them who used to be sporty, and now can’t seem to summon the energy or the enthusiasm. They would MUCH rather be on the computer figuring out the latest strategy on TF2. (Computer game, don’t ask.)

A typical conversation as the newly-turned 13 year old tries to wriggle out of tennis after school. We have had one tiny “sprinkle” of rain all afternoon. My very own Just William. The text campaign begins early afternoon.

1.36 JW (Just William): It’s raining and it’s beep! freezing.
1.37 Me: Irrelevant til 3.45. I played this morning. It was lovely.
1.38 JW: Go outside now.
1.39 Me: I have just been outside. If you miss tennis, unless it is raining at 3.45, I am confiscating your computer. I am deadly serious.
1.40 JW: It’s freezing and spitting. For the day? (confiscating the computer)
1.41 Me: Yep.
1.42 JW: I have to write the poem.
1.43 Me: Don’t need a computer for that. You are staying for tennis, no arguments. More punishment to come.
1.44 JW: I do. It needs to be types (sp?) out.
1.45 Me:I can do that for you. Now stop texting me.
1.46 JW: So what’s happening?
1.47 Me: You are going to tennis unless it is raining around school let out time. And then you will have your computer when you get home. Now go away.
3.21 JW: This is so boring.
3.22. Me: Go and get something to eat or drink and start on the poem.
3.23 JW: No.
3.24 JW: Tennis with no one I know.
3.25 Me: Stop texting, you will run out. Next week I will bring you home for afternoon tea and bring you back. Sure others will arrive. Suck it up.
3.26 JW:This is so stupid.
3.33 JW: It’s literally me.
3.34 Me: You don’t know that til 3.45. I will come and play.
3.34 JW: No.
3.53 JW: I’m playing with four people. Three don’t speak English and the oldest is 8.
3.54 Me: Perfect! Can they play?
3.55 JW: Not very well.
3.56 Me: See you at 5.

I caved at the end. Pick up is 5.15. He wore me down. I’m turning off my phone now. I can’t take any more. P.S. I went to pick him up at 5 and he was playing beautiful tennis. His friend Jaylin had turned up. And he didn’t finish til the bitter end. I still have a sporty boy.